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Fight Off Fat And Fatigue With These Dr. Oz Recommended Secret Weapons


On the Dr. Oz Show today, we’re tackling two things  every girl wants to get rid of – fat and fatigue.

1.    Secret weapon to fight fat: Riboflavin

Metabolism does change but there are a couple of reasons that it changes and some of them are preventable.   The preventable ones you want take advantage of.
I’ve got a secret weapon that could help you with this and it is to fight fat with Riboflavin, which is Vitamin B2.

Vitamin B2 is the vitamin that helps the all other B vitamins do their job.   So it helps the body function more efficiently. You can get Vitamin B2  in a lot of ways.   2% milk happens to be one of the smart ways to do it.   I like 2% milk rather than skim milk because I think it’s better for you if you’re trying to lose weight.  Make sure the container is opaque because an opaque container blocks the sun. Sunlight will destroy the Vitamin B2 in 2 hours.

Secret Weapon to Fight Fat: Riboflavin.   Three 8 oz glasses of 2% milk per day.   Riboflavin in milk helps burn fat.


2.  Secret weapon to fight fat: Calcium

Calcium is my next big secret to help a girl fight fat. And it does a lot of important things. It binds the fat. If you happen to eat a lot of fatty food and you have calcium, it will suck up the calcium with the fat and they will both come out. They don’t get on to your body. Calcium by the way is one of the most common elements in your body. You can get in turnip greens and from lots of sources. I like turnip greens because they help prevent fat by getting it out of your body.

Secret Weapon to Fight Fat: Calcium. 1 cup turnip greens. Calcium in turnip greens prevents the absorption of fat.


3.  Secret weapon to fight fatigue: Iron

My secret weapon to fight off fatigue, if you’re sort of always feeling like you’re slower than you should be, is to make sure your iron is okay. Iron-deficiency is the most common deficiency we have in America. A lot of folks think they have to get iron by having meat, but there arebetter sources of it. A cup of lentils has almost twice as much iron as a steak would have. Iron is needed because it helps make the red blood cells that carry the oxygen to the body. And without oxygen, you’re going to feel down all the time. Especially for pre-menopausal women, this is a big issue. You want to have a little extra Vitamin C in your diet because it helps you absorb the iron from the food that you’re eating. So it could be Vitamin C as a food or Vitamin C in your drink.  

Secret Weapon to Fight Fatigue: Iron. 1 cup cooked lentils per day. Iron in lentils carries oxygen to cells to produce energy. Vitamin C helps with iron absorption


4.  Secret weapon to fight fatigue: Magnesium

My last secret weapon to fight fatigue is magnesium.   Magnesium is vital for a lot of metabolic processes and it helps you get the energy you desire.   There are a lot of ways for getting it;   one of them is corn.   If you don’t want to buy corn on the cob, you might want to get it frozen  if it is out of season. It’s inexpensive and still has all the nutrients, so you still get the magnesium. 

Secret Weapon to Fight Fatigue: Magnesium.  1  1/2 cups sweet corn.   Magnesium in corn helps boost energy so you feel less tired.



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