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Dr. Oz’s Recommended Home Remedies For Canker Sores, Bad Breathe, & Toenail Fungus


Dr Oz recommends several home remedies that he uses in his home a lot.

Dr Oz’s recommended home remedy for canker sores is called Myrrh. It’s a very old remedy and it happens to be very effective. Dr Oz says his wife swears by this for any kind of mouth irritations. It has anti-inflammatory properties and anesthetic properties as well.  so the pain goes away, and at the same time it’s also helping make you feel better.

Home Remedies From Dr. Oz’s Medicine Cabinet: Canker Sores. 5 drops Myrrh oil. 3 oz water. Swish and rinse 2x per day


Dr Oz then recommends  Aloe Vera Gel as his home remedy for bad breath.  You dissolve about a quarter of a cup of pure aloe vera gel into about half a cup of water. What he loves about this is that it’s got just the right consistency to soothe stomach discomfort, that often causes the regurgitating acid and gas backup to your esophagus, which gives people bad breath.  A lot of people think it’s on their teeth and on their mouth – it isn’t.

Home Remedies From Dr. Oz’s Medicine Cabinet: Bad Breath. 1/4 cup pure aloe vera gel.   1/2 cup water. Drink.


This last one is used to fight toenail fungus. If you take Mentholated Topical Cough Cream, it has menthol, camphor and eucalyptus in it, which have anti-fungal properties.  Plus, it comes in a form that’s actually quite easy to use. Because it’s thick, you can put it on your nail. You apply it twice a day – once in the morning and you put your socks on and at night.

Home Remedies From Dr. Oz’s Medicine Cabinet: Apply cough rub to affected toenail. Use morning and night.


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