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Dr. Oz Recommends The Best Appetite Suppressants


I know the hardest part of dieting is overcoming your hunger. Today, for the first time ever, I’m making it easier with the best appetite suppressants to help you lose weight. I’ve done my research and found the supplements that really work.

Appetite suppressant number one, hugely important is called Glucomannan. This works to fill you up so you won’t go hungry.  It comes from the konjac plant, which is a big plant. I like to call it nature’s get skinny sponge because that’s literally what it does.  It’s a sponge that will suck up your hunger. It’s super-special.  It makes you feel full but it doesn’t make you feel gassy and bloated.  It comes in a couple of different forms. It comes in a capsule and this is how it works. The stomach fluid is going to get thicker. As you eat your meal and this gets thicker, it starts to clump up and take up space. When it’s thick, you’re going to feel full. That’s the beauty of how glucomannan works. And it’s a simple supplement that you’ll add to an already healthy diet.

There are three forms to get it in. You can get it in powder form and put it in your drink or  shake, or in smoothies. Also, noodles are made from this. You eat it like pasta. And it fills you up again. You also have to chew it slowly because it’s got some mass to it. And so if you fill yourself up and you’re chewing slowly, you’re going to eat less. It comes under the brand Shirataki noodles.  There are many different companies that make it now. I love Shirataki noodles because you can eat it as one of your other meals. It’s real food.  If you don’t want to take it in either of these two forms, just take the capsule. You take one gram of this three times a day before meals.

Best Appetite Suppressants: Take 1 g glucomannan 3 times per day before meals.
Appetite suppressants: Always take glucomannan with a full glass of water.
Appetite suppressants: Check with your physician if you are on diabetes medication.

The next appetite suppressant is called Grapeseed Oil. This will help slow down the stomach from emptying. And that is a critical issue because it’s a good fat. And good fats naturally do that but this one in particular is going to make you feel full for longer. You take two teaspoonfuls of this two hours before lunch everyday. You put the food in your stomach and as you do that, the oil gets into the stomach, coats the lining of the stomach and then the churning that the stomach naturally does starts to slow down. And because of the slow churning and movement, the food accumulates in the stomach. The stomach dilates and expands and you’re going to feel full. So you’re not going to want to eat anymore, including this sugars you really crave.

Best Appetite Suppressants:  Have 2 tsp Grapeseed Oil 2 hours before lunch.

Appetite suppressant number three is called Griffonia Simplicifolia (5 HTP).   This is going to help you deal with the other cravings that you’re having.  This thing is so cool and there’s new data around it.  It comes from a West African shrub and it helps your body form serotonin.  That’s important because serotonin really defines what that difference is between a hungry state and a comfortable state. When you’re full or satiated, there’s extra serotonin in the middle part of your brain, the key areas of the brain that actually govern when you’re going to be hungry and when you’re not. When you’re hungry, what you’re really craving more than anything else is to fill serotonin here so your brain feels and looks like this (less hungry brain). There was just a classic, hard-core medical study that compared people taking the Griffonia Simplicifolia and showed that they were less hungry and they ate 41% fewer calories.

Best Appetite Suppressants: Take 200 mg of Griffonia Simplicifloia per day.

Appetite suppressants: Check with your doctor if you are taking SSRI or MAOI medication.

My appetite suppressant number four is Pine Nuts.  These actually turn off the hunger hormones in the body.  A shot glass of this before you start eating your breakfast in the morning will give you the ability to eat less.  It will make those hormones turn off so you’re not going to want to eat more for breakfast. And it will help you through the day. It has the highest protein content of any nut out there.  The secret ingredient in this is called pinolenic acid, a naturally occurring fat.
It’s hugely effective, a powerful stimulant as it cuts down and suppress those hunger hormones. A big study was done with participants consuming either an extract of these pine nuts, or not.  People who had the pine nuts extract, 36% less food.  They could have eaten anything they want, but 36% less food was what they ate because they didn’t have the cravings; their appetite was suppressed. Calories from pine nuts, because they suppress your appetite, they’re going to make it easier for you not to eat the other calories that you would normally have.

Best Appetite Suppressants: Have a shot glass full of Pine Nuts right before breakfast.



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