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Natural Prescription Alternatives For Anxiety, High Blood Pressure, Insomnia, & Thyroid Recommended on the Dr. Oz Show


Millions of people are on prescription drugs, but can your ailments be cured without a prescription?

Today on the Dr. Oz Show, we’re talking about natural alternatives that drug companies may not want you to know about.   Here to help us is doctor of naturopathic medicine,  Pina LoGiudice.  

There are lots of natural alternatives for prescription drugs.   Who do you think are the best candidates for this?  
I personal think everybody is a candidate for these, because as a naturopathic doctor, I always tell patients that if you really look at the underlying cause of what’s happening within your body and examine whether you need dietary changes or emotional changes you, really can heal your life.  


The first group of prescriptions many folks are on are anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs.   Over 280 million are dispensed annually.  Many folks that are taking anti-anxiety drug don’t get the relief that they actually want.   Dr. Oz asks; “What’s your natural alternative, if they want to try it?”

What I always like to recommend is herbal tea, Wu Wei Zi also know as Schizandrachinensis.   It’s an herb that has been used in China for centuries.  It’s also called five-flavor herb because it actually has all five flavors which are sweet, salty, acidic, bitter, and sour.    It is really quite amazing little berry.  The great thing about how it works is it helps the adrenal gland, which are is our stress gland and when those adrenal gland over-stimulate, which gives you that nervous feeling, it calms you down.   I love recommending this because it really is on of my top 10 favorite botanicals because it is extremely safe.   And not only does it help with anxiety, it helps with fatigue, mental performance, boosts your immune system, really quite fabulous.

Natural alternative for anxiety:
Wu-Wei Zi Tea: Add 1 tbsp dried
Schizandra Berries  in steeper, to 1 cup boiling water.  Reduce to low hear.  Steep for 15 minutes.  Add lemon or honey.

You can either purchase at a local health food store for the berry, are they also have it online where you can buy the tea bag. It has all the flavors that our tongue has, so you really don’t need any other enhancements like lemon and honey.


High Blood Pressure

144 million prescriptions filled every year for high blood pressure.   I don’t want you to throw your medications away, I want you to always focus on weight loss to get your blood pressure down, because for most people, it is the best way to start off.  But there are some natural alternatives if you have blood pressure issues.  Here is what is recommended: 

Hypertension is multi-factorial, and weight gain is a contributing factor, but so is high stress.   So I always tell patients, meditate before you medicate.    Meditate and calm yourself down.  

You also can try this, which is Rose Hip Powder.   Rose hip powder is really lovely because it’s a natural diuretic and it will lower your blood pressure.  It is very high in antioxidants, and  especially high in Vitamin C.   It increases the nitric oxide in your body which allows the blood vessels to relax.  So what you would want to do is add one teaspoon to hot water or what i like to do is  add it to applesauce.

Natural alternative for high blood pressure:   Add 1 tsp Rose Hip Powder to 1 serving applesauce 2x per day

 It will mix nicely and is delicious!



73 million prescriptions are filled annually for Hypothyroidism.   A lot of times, your hormones just need a little, subtle nudge, and this could be provided by natural alternatives.

My top recommendation is Bladderwrack also known as Fucusvesiculosus,   It’s a big name.

[Natural alternative for hypothyroidism: Bladderwrack: Iodine-rich seaweed. 3g, 3x per day.]

It’s seaweed that’s grown in the Northern Pacific Coast or the Northern Atlantic Ocean. And so, it is a seaweed and what is does is it has a very high iodide content, which is an essential nutrient for thyroid function.  So if a patient has low thyroid or hyperthyroidism or even a goiter, which is an enlarged thyroid, iodine is great to enhance either way.   It is a great nutrient to take because, what’s happening is that people are becoming iodine-deficient,  so this is a nice, easy way to boost that up.  

A lot of people are looking at more gourmet types of salts, which don’t have iodine in them.   Iodine salts  are important to get into our body, also you can also try the bladderwrack.   What I usually recommend is 3 caps, which is about 3 grams, in the morning.   You take that first thing in the morning.   And what you would also like to do because we are talking thyroids an hormones is do get your blood values checked just to make sure that everything is okay.



42 million prescriptions filled a year for insomnia.   I think the biggest thing that people don’t know about, is that there’s a new study that came out that sleep medications, even if you just take two a month, can increase your risk of death by three times.  So to me, that’s obviously troublesome.   And when people do take sleep medication, it disrupts the architecture of your sleep so you’re not getting really great sleep quality at all.   What they do, those sleep medication, is they will help get you to sleep faster, but again not much great sleep.   My new favorite natural alternative is Glycine Powder.  

Glycine is a calming non-essential amino acid.   It is found  in high-protein foods like beef, chicken, and legumes.   How it works is that it changes your brain wave patterns that are associated with deep non-REM sleep.   Glycine will help by promoting that deeper, more restful, more restorative sleep that you’re looking for.  It available  in capsule form or a quick, easy way is in these nice travel packs especially for people on-the-go.

Natural alternative for insomnia: Glycine Powder: 3 g   Add contents to water before bed.

Add the entire pack to water or to any beverage of your choice.   It’s really easy medicine.   You can take the powder, rather than the capsule because a lot of people take a lot of pills already.





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